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Chanel Couture Fall 2009-2010 - Negro y Radiante

Los vestidos negros, lo mejor de la colección Chanel Couture Fall 2009

"(...) With evening, when Lagerfeld let loose with a gush of ideas. There were structure and flou; youthful party frocks and gorgeous grand-dame gowns; swirling, vibrant pinwheels of Lesage embroideries, and a no-voltage, hanky-hemmed black dress fit for a charming Goth Cinderella in rags." By WWD Staff

"Mr. Lagerfeld’s approach to Chanel really amounts to an aesthetic vision of Coco Chanel’s modern uniform, with the added value of his German background. Some couture collections feel as light and tempting as a meringue, others seem as heavy-going as a history volume. Either way, though, you get a very specific experience.
The key difference in the twilight-hour show he presented on Tuesday at Grand Palais was the suit or dress with a detached panel at the back. Some of the panels were long or lined in a contrasting color or pattern like leopard. But they were a theme, and at first one wished for a giant pair of scissors to emerge from behind the huge perfume bottles of the set. Snip, snip — aahhh!
But as the show moved on, the great Lagerfeld brain began to scatter around its strange and wonderful treasures: black tulle Darth Vader helmets, a loose black dress with a sequined bib outlined in what appeared to be fur, a series of slashed black chiffon dresses with the texture of feathers, and the almost three-dimensional effect of embroidered dresses in metallic hues. It was mesmerizing, with the line of the clothes essentially modern." By Cathy Horyn para The New York Times.

Como cierre del show, los modelos Lara Stone y Baptiste Giabiconi, el nuevo fetiche de Karl, fueron los inmaculados novios.


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