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Editorial de la Semana: "Karl Lagerfeld's Secret Ball"

En esta propuesta, el genial diseñador alemán crea un mundo de fantasía a partir de una fiesta secreta realizada por una mujer multimillonaria rusa.
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UK Vogue Diciembre 2008: Editorial "Karl Lagerfeld's Secret Ball". Ilustraciones by Karl Lagerfeld.
When an unnamed Russian woman hosts a ball for her billionaire husband, there is no red carpet. No press, no charities are involved. Even the guest list is shrouded in mystery. In this series of paintings, Karl Lagerfeld imagines events at the most exclusive party of the year.

"Hairstylist Katsuya Kamo has designed a veiled headpiece similar
to those he has made for Junya Watanabe. The guest has topped
this with a vintage diamond headpiece, believed to be set with
emeralds from the treasury of Tsar Alexander II"

"The male guests are all in Tom Ford tails, though these two gentlemen have added Batman-style masks. Their leather gloves are by Causse. She is in a Marios Schwab jacket, a Louis Vuitton headpiece and carries an Alexander McQueen Faberge bag from this season";
"A masked guest dressed in colourful

"She is in gold Givenchy with another Kamo headpiece. The Asian gentleman wears a vintage Cartier headpiece of emerald, diamonds and feathers in his turban";
"Two guests in McQueen, with Madame de Pompadour- styled hair and painted -on masks of make up";
"She wears black Roksanda Ilincic"

"This guest accessorises her pink Giles ensemble with Chanel lace gloves and a 1912 Cartier bandeau with a huge sapphire. Her Cartier necklace of the same year was bought at the Paris Biennale in September 2008. Her companion is a distinguished gentleman with a black monocle, who reminds Lagerfeld of someone now dead"

"The youngest boy in the room is claimed by this guest, in Alexander McQueen";
Gareth Pugh-clad woman is accompanied by a man disguised as Heath Ledger's malevolent Joker"
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