jueves, 24 de julio de 2008

El hijo de Hugh... no lee Playboy

Marston Hefner (18)

Do you read Playboy?

HEFNER: When I was little, I would totally take old issues and cut out Pamela Anderson pictures and make, like, a folder. I haven’t read it recently. But I still love the magazine.

GQ: What do you read?

HEFNER: Newsweek. Um, and I used to read Time, but it’s, like, they’re not really in-depth with their cover stories. The stories are very brief. I find that Newsweek has more info. I read The New Yorker. But that’s when I want to read something, like legitimately read something. You need to have the energy to read because it’s, like, fucking so much.

Link: Next of Skin

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